Colombia records

N/A*: Time not in the top 1000 of the region
Worldwide records
Course Time PlayerPad Rank
Luigi Circuit wilmarin 1:10:063 Wii Wheel King D
Moo Moo Meadows ★) Hype 1:17:170 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
Mushroom Gorge ◎☆βαγrση☆◎ 0:51:120 Wii Wheel Hero B
Toad's Factory zzzzz 1:50:689 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Mario Circuit alejandro 1:06:957 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Coconut Mall boris 0:53:068 Wii Wheel God
DK's Snowboard Cross / DK Summit camilo 1:51:547 Wii Wheel Legend D
Wario's Gold Mine greg 0:37:542 Wiimote Nunchuck Legend C
Daisy Circuit ★SξBλS★ 1:31:619 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
Koopa Cape ☆SΣßλS☆ 2:24:261 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
Maple Treeway λ☆ Ρ|ρΞ 2:22:182 Gamecube Pad Hero A
Grumble Volcano Æ7☆Pipe 0:22:676 Gamecube Pad King C
Dry Dry Ruins ☆SξßλS☆ 1:52:038 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
Moonview Highway KT ☆Ριρξ™ 1:45:503 Gamecube Pad King B
Bowser's Castle camilo 2:13:367 Wii Wheel Legend C
Rainbow Road ★S£Bλ$★ 2:32:317 Wiimote Nunchuck King C
GCN Peach Beach Æ7☆Pipe 1:14:558 Gamecube Pad King B
DS Yoshi Falls ★T@Mや!★ツ 1:00:570 Gamecube Pad King B
SNES Ghost Valley 2 ★S£BλS★ 0:54:098 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
N64 Mario Raceway ★S£BλS★ 1:44:264 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
N64 Sherbet Land Pipe 2:07:913 Gamecube Pad King D
GBA Shy Guy Beach ☆ SξßλS ☆ 1:23:971 Wiimote Nunchuck Legend D
DS Delfino Square Andrei 2:06:986 Gamecube Pad Legend B
GCN Waluigi Stadium 「LØ」★ζ★ 1:55:411 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
DS Desert Hills KT Pipe 1:38:068 Gamecube Pad Hero A
GBA Bowser Castle 3 KT★S£BλS★ 2:05:686 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway ★S£Bλ$★ 2:16:494 Wiimote Nunchuck King D
GCN Mario Circuit ←☆◎ΜΨlΘ◎☆→ 1:33:101 Wiimote Nunchuck King B
SNES Mario Circuit 3 witch 1:19:594 Wii Wheel King A
DS Peach Gardens ★SξBλS★ 2:02:701 Wiimote Nunchuck King C
GCN DK Mountain C◎L☆SΣBλS☆ 2:09:270 Wiimote Nunchuck King A
N64 Bowser's Castle Tokyo 2:34:534 Wii Wheel King B
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