Canada records

N/A*: Time not in the top 1000 of the region
Worldwide records
Course Time PlayerPad Rank
Luigi Circuit LCole 1:09:254 Gamecube Pad God
Moo Moo Meadows FTL Hacker 1:16:055 Gamecube Pad Myth B
Mushroom Gorge MATTHEW 0:37:907 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Toad's Factory Ryu 1:50:784 Classic Controller God
Mario Circuit Rλ Thunda 1:04:480 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Coconut Mall ★Blαcκ. 0:39:645 Gamecube Pad God
DK's Snowboard Cross / DK Summit Mahan 1:48:173 Wii Wheel God
Wario's Gold Mine ★Blαcκ. 0:32:824 Gamecube Pad God
Daisy Circuit ★Blαcκ. 1:29:968 Gamecube Pad God
Koopa Cape ☆Jας©hα☆ 2:21:196 Wiimote Nunchuck Legend A
Maple Treeway ★εmbrez★ 2:06:356 Classic Controller God
Grumble Volcano ★Blαcκ. 0:19:512 Gamecube Pad God
Dry Dry Ruins ★Blαcκ. 1:48:376 Gamecube Pad God
Moonview Highway Cole 1:43:526 Gamecube Pad God
Bowser's Castle ★Blαcκ. 2:12:062 Gamecube Pad Legend B
Rainbow Road »Spαrκ☆ 2:28:213 Gamecube Pad God
GCN Peach Beach KingAlεx 1:07:804 Gamecube Pad God
DS Yoshi Falls Cole 0:58:970 Gamecube Pad God
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Rewrite♪ 0:52:804 Wiimote Nunchuck God
N64 Mario Raceway [¢β]Kγle 1:42:292 Gamecube Pad God
N64 Sherbet Land ★Blαcκ. 2:04:851 Gamecube Pad God
GBA Shy Guy Beach KingAlεx 1:22:472 Gamecube Pad God
DS Delfino Square ★Blαcκ. 2:05:255 Gamecube Pad God
GCN Waluigi Stadium ★Blαcκ. 1:49:396 Gamecube Pad God
DS Desert Hills KingAlεx 1:35:466 Gamecube Pad God
GBA Bowser Castle 3 KingAlεx 2:01:014 Gamecube Pad Legend D
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway ☆Jας©hα☆ 2:11:288 Wiimote Nunchuck God
GCN Mario Circuit ☆Jας©hα☆ 1:31:671 Wiimote Nunchuck God
SNES Mario Circuit 3 ★Blαcκ. 1:18:537 Gamecube Pad God
DS Peach Gardens ★Blαcκ. 2:00:146 Gamecube Pad God
GCN DK Mountain KingAlεx 2:07:240 Gamecube Pad Myth C
N64 Bowser's Castle ★Blαcκ. 2:32:011 Gamecube Pad Myth C
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