Europe records

N/A*: Time not in the top 1000 of the region
Worldwide records
Course Time PlayerPad Rank
Luigi Circuit TheLetta Σ 0:00:159 Wii Wheel God
Moo Moo Meadows TheLetta Σ 0:00:207 Wii Wheel God
Mushroom Gorge ☆Sam F☆ 0:27:485 Wii Wheel God
Toad's Factory Ali 1:49:882 Classic Controller God
Mario Circuit The M 0:59:422 Classic Controller God
Coconut Mall ·[R]ikuù★ 0:32:346 Gamecube Pad God
DK's Snowboard Cross / DK Summit Gravity¥Sw 1:08:672 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Wario's Gold Mine Lινεsτγlξ♪ 0:32:783 Gamecube Pad God
Daisy Circuit Gravity¥Sw 0:58:451 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Koopa Cape Totom@ITF 2:19:840 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Maple Treeway n§» Trymas 1:59:531 Wiimote Nunchuck God
Grumble Volcano BF◇Vξ®◎N 0:19:503 Gamecube Pad God
Dry Dry Ruins ØΣ LeeD93 1:48:008 Gamecube Pad God
Moonview Highway ρf☆Ραμl 1:43:648 Gamecube Pad God
Bowser's Castle ·[R]ikuù★ 2:10:532 Gamecube Pad God
Rainbow Road L$AN 2:26:053 Classic Controller God
GCN Peach Beach Fox 1:07:167 Wiimote Nunchuck God
DS Yoshi Falls LοndοñSuck 0:59:160 Gamecube Pad Myth B
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Dane★ º 0:51:927 Gamecube Pad God
N64 Mario Raceway Bigotorn 1:41:732 Gamecube Pad God
N64 Sherbet Land Gravity¥Sw 0:49:844 Wiimote Nunchuck God
GBA Shy Guy Beach n§» Fox 1:21:904 Wiimote Nunchuck God
DS Delfino Square Sωοrd 2:05:034 Classic Controller God
GCN Waluigi Stadium Totom@ITF 1:48:861 Wiimote Nunchuck God
DS Desert Hills DarkEnergy 1:07:880 Wiimote Nunchuck God
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Rανεr 1:58:566 Wiimote Nunchuck Myth B
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway n§»Thomas 2:10:623 Wiimote Nunchuck God
GCN Mario Circuit n§» Fox 1:31:119 Wiimote Nunchuck God
SNES Mario Circuit 3 YSK☆κιηg™ 1:18:194 Gamecube Pad God
DS Peach Gardens Darragh 1:59:739 Classic Controller God
GCN DK Mountain ☆Sέrχισώ◇ 2:02:241 Wiimote Nunchuck God
N64 Bowser's Castle Totom@ITF 2:31:798 Wiimote Nunchuck God
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